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Flu vaccine-it’s not too late!
The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the 3 strains of flu virus recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the strains most likely to be circulating this season. You should get your flu vaccination from September to be covered for flu season. The viruses change each year. This is why you need to get a new vaccine each year. People 18 and over should get the vaccine from their GP or Pharmacist or Occupational Health Department. Younger people should get the vaccine from their GP.

The flu vaccine is free if you are in an at-risk group but you will be charged a consultation fee unless you have a medical card or a GP visit card.

The flu vaccine doesn’t contain any live viruses – it cannot give you the flu!

How it works
The flu vaccine helps your immune system to produce antibodies to the influenza virus. If you have been vaccinated and you come into contact with the virus, these antibodies will attack it and stop you from getting sick.
The flu vaccine starts to work within two weeks and while it is very effective in reducing your chances of getting the flu –you could still catch a different stain.

  • At-risk groups
  • We are urging people in at-risk groups to get the flu vaccine. We strongly recommended the vaccine if you: are 65 years of age and over
  • are pregnant
  • have a long-term health condition
  • work in healthcare
  • are a carer
  • live in a nursing home or other long-term care facility
  • in regular contact with pigs or poultry

Don’t get the flu vaccine if you have had a severe allergic (anaphylaxis) reaction to a previous dose or any part of the vaccine.
Vaccination should be re-scheduled if you have an acute illness with a temperature greater than 38°C.

Call in or contact us to make an enquiry or to book a vaccination on
or call 0667142479

We will need the following information :
your name, gender, address, date of birth, your doctor’s details and your PPSN number – please let us know if you ever had a reaction to any previous vaccination or to eggs, if you are pregnant or have ever had breast surgery or if you have a temperature of over 38degrees C today?

You will be asked to stay in the shop for 15 minutes after the vaccine.


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